The Sims 1 Help

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I downloaded something, what do I do now?

Unzip the downloaded file (using a program such as WinZip)
Follow the instructions in the included Readme

To find where The Sims is installed on your computer:
Find the icon you normal click to start The Sims.
Right-click on that icon
Left-click on "Properties"
Left-click on "Find Target"
A folder will open. This is where The Sims is installed.
Find the appropriate folders within that folder to install your download.
The appropriate folders are listed in the Readme.
For example, if the Readme says says:

Extract all .iff and .far files to:

From The Sims folder, open "downloads"
If the folder "Odd" exists, open it. Otherwise create a new folder (File-> New-> Folder) and name it Odd. Then open it.
Copy files ending in .iff and .far into the "Odd" folder.

Specifically, I downloaded an object. What do I do now?

The following instructions apply to installation of most objects for The Sims but not skins:

Step 1
Unzip the downloaded zip files.
If using WinZip:
right-click each file, select Winzip and "extract to here"
A folder will be created for each download.
Remember where these download folders are

Step 2
(This step assumes that The Sims is installed in the default location)
Open-> My Computer (on desktop)
Open-> Local Disk (C:)
Open-> Program Files
Open-> Maxis
Open-> The Sims
Open-> Downloads
Create a new folder named Odd
( right-click-> New-> Folder )
Open-> Odd
Minimize this Sims window.

Step 3
Return to your download folders
Open each download folder and perform the following:
Select all files and/or folders (Press Ctrl+A)
Copy the files and/or folders (Press Ctrl+C)
Restore the Sims windows
Paste the files (Press Ctrl+V)
Minimize the Sims window.
Repeat for each download.

Step 4
After you finish installing the objects, open The Sims and verify that the objects were installed correctly.
If the new downloads appear in game, feel free to delete the download folders and winzip files, as they are no longer needed.
Don't delete files from the Odd folder (Sims window).

Will objects made for The Sims 2 work in The Sims 1?

No, there is no compatibility between The Sims 1 and The Sims 2.

I have a great idea for an object or skin! Will you make it?

No, I'm no longer making content for The Sims.

I have another question or comment.

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